Client Daycare

Posted on: February 6th, 2014 by Laura Lloyd-Henry No Comments

Tuesday morning, 8:30 am – are you in your office working? How about Thursday afternoon, say around 3:00pm? Or what about a late afternoon…on a Friday… in the summer?  If you answered “no” to any of these questions then you are probably one of the many freelance/solopreneur designers NOT working standard business hours. For many self-employed creatives, eschewing the usual Monday through Friday, nine-to-five work schedule is a perk, or in many cases, a necessity. While many are simply following their inner muses working when inspiration strikes them, others are actively trying to blend their working hours with their personal schedules to accommodate school hours, nap times, or after-school activities.

Being a self-employed designer with this perk may sound like a great situation - until you consider the needs and working hours of your clients who most likely embrace, and adhere to, standard business work weeks and hours. How then do you manage your clients and projects when you are not in the office at the same time they are? The answer: client daycare.

Similar to a provider who cares for your child during the day, client daycare can be provided by a project manager during standard office hours. A project manager can answer your client’s phone calls and e-mails, respond to their requests, and gather the information you need to complete their project at times convenient for them. This allows your firm to maintain a professional appearance and meet your client’s needs while freeing you to work the hours best suited to your lifestyle.

If you have experienced frustration in communicating with your clients, delays in project schedules, or are challenged by client management due to an unconventional work schedule, consider outsourcing routine project tasks to a manager who can alleviate your stress and ensure your clients are cared for during standard business hours.


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