Who I Help

Wish you had more time to develop business, network, or be creative?
I’ll manage your projects so you can.

Depending on your specific needs, I can facilitate and manage projects while ensuring seamless customer communication. My clients are graphic designers, web designers and marketing professionals who usually can relate to one of these three situations.

  • Overloaded with work? At your breaking point? If you’re frustrated, burnt-out and tired of working 40+ hour weeks, or you’re worried that clients aren’t getting the level of communication you want them to, I’ll take over running your projects so you can love your business again.
  • Don’t work standard business hours? If you work best at 3AM, but your clients don’t, I can help keep communication moving forward between 9-5 so you have the information you need to complete projects. I’ll ensure your clients feel cared for, in the loop, and aren’t experiencing frustration.
  • Trying to reboot your business? If you’re trying to reenergize and refocus your business after a change in circumstances (perhaps kids went back to school or you’re taking your part-time business full-time), I will help you get organized, manage time and effortlessly handle a heavier workload.

Does this sound like you? Help is here.