Tired of managing every project detail?
That’s what I do best. Give the details to me.

When you need to focus on the big picture, like business development, art direction, design and networking—or when you just need some time to relax and recharge—I can handle the details.

Are you experiencing daily e-mail, text, and phone message overload?

If you answered YES! I can help. I’ll return phone calls for you, respond to e-mails on your behalf and get the information and answers you need to complete each project successfully. I can be your clients’ contact for you so you can focus on business development, networking, or just being creative.

Are you tired of ‘scope creep’?

If you are tired of never-ending projects, I can develop a list of questions for your clients to identify in detail their real needs and create a complementary scope-of-work that will allow you to meet your client’s marketing objectives while avoiding project burnout and scheduling snafus.

Is your project database an unused computer software program?

If your project database software is more of a good idea and not the useful tool it is meant to be, I can make it the power tool it should be.  I’ll review and update daily your project database so it reflects your projects most current status to keep your staff and clients informed.

Are your projects hindered by unorganized schedules, budget shortfalls, and work overload?

In addition to developing project scopes-of-work, I can assist you with organizing and creating project schedules and budgets. I can also review your firm’s ‘people’ resources, such as employee workloads or the need for an outside contractor, to ensure your firm produces high-quality projects that are delivered on time and within budget while avoiding a staff mutiny.

Does keeping up with your production schedules cause you nightmares?

If you are overwhelmed with production schedules and keeping up with them on a daily basis, I can manage those tasks for you. I can complete production-related activities such as reviewing printer proofs and overseeing press checks or performing website testing and feedback to ensure your projects are of the highest quality and delivered to your clients on time.

Do you need a special printer or consultant but don’t have time to search for one?

I can take care of this search for you. I can Identify, interview and evaluate the skill sets and availability of vendors and consultants that are required for a particular project. From the information, I can produce a list of qualified candidates that will allow you to focus on the important task: deciding who to hire.

Do project meetings cause you undue stress?

Feel like your project meetings are not as focused and productive as they should be? I can create, update and manage client and staff meeting agendas to ensure you get the information and feedback you need to keep projects moving and completed on time .

Is project quality control out of control?

If projects are not meeting your standards, or your clients, I can see that they do. I can review your projects during production to facilitate clear communication of details between your clients and design staff to ensure production efficiency and reduce unnecessary rounds of revisions.

Are risks to projects unknown factors?

If you have experienced project delays due to unforeseen circumstances, I can help you try to avoid this situation. Nothing goes perfectly, but I can help you to identify, analyze and plan ahead for issues that may hinder your projects being completed on time, within budget or fail to meet your client’s expectations so productions goes as smoothly as possible.

Are your production and management systems not so systematic?

Wondering why your projects don’t go as planned or run into unexpected road blocks? I can bring a fresh eye to your project design and production schedules and systems. I can analyze your internal ‘systems’ and make recommendations for improvements to enhance your firm’s productivity as well as assist in implementing the new system so everyone becomes comfortable with the changes quickly and easily.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, or the scenarios sound familiar,
schedule a free 30 minute consultation today.