Why Me?

Need projects managed like you would?
That’s my specialty.

I will handle your clients the way you would. My goal is to understand how you would do it. Your clients shouldn’t feel like they’re working with a different person. My involvement should be seamless for them. Here are a few reasons I’m uniquely qualified:

  • As a designer for 15 years, I know what designers need in order to do their jobs. I owned my own studio for 10 years, dealing directly with clients. I understand their wants and worries—and I know how to manage their expectations.
  • My favorite part is project management. Even though I’m an experienced designer, I love the project management portion best. Don’t worry—in our relationship, your job is to design. My job is to keep your project moving forward and keep everyone on the same page, so you can use that extra time to do something else.
  • Details? I’ll handle them. When we work together, you don’t have to worry about the details anymore. You can rest assured that clients are being communicated with and cared for.
  • Time to step in? I’ll let you know. I’m not afraid to let you know when you need to step in. It is your business, your clients, and your reputation. If a situation is outside the norm, I will get you involved immediately.
  • I can visualize A to Z. I’m a very organized strategic thinker. When I’m presented with a project, I can see the steps from A to Z. I can easily create that schedule, and determine the resources while keeping an eye on budget and hours.

Want to learn more about how we can work together? Let’s chat.